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An American's Chinese dream

Updated : 2015-10-12
By Jiang Luying (chinadaily.com.cn)

Andy Radowitz, who came to Wuxi from the US in 2010, has already earned a reputation and made many Chinese friends in Wuxi by volunteering for events in the Zhouzhuang Lequn Art Group in Jiangyin, a major county-level city in Wuxi, since 2013.

Andy teaches Business English, International Economics and Project Management at the Jiangsu University of Science and Technology in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou.

He has extensive educational experience in the US, and a 15 yearbusiness background in New York.

When it came to volunteering, Andy said passionately, " The performers in the art group are all volunteers. Though they don't get paid, they persist in writing, directing and performing in countless shows night after night for thousands of citizens."

He added that the group subscribes to the spirit that culture must take root in people's lives.

"So I'm quite proud to be a member of Lequn," he said.

Andy said he believes that life is all about the kindness and the generosity we offer to others, not how much money we earn.

"I think volunteering is more important than money."

He had a great house, a great car and a beautiful girlfriend in the US, while he has no house, no car and no girlfriend but many friends in Wuxi. However, he says "I'm satisfied with Chinese life."

When talking about his interest in China, Andy told reporters a story.

It all dates back to 1972 when he was seven years old.

His father, who was very fond of China, called him to watch the visit of US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to China on TV. "I watched as history was being made."

Since then, he has always followed China and the philosophy of Henry Kissinger.

To gain an in-depth knowledge about China, he even read the biographies and histories of Chinese leaders, like Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping and Sun Yat-sen.

"So I knew about China before most of my students were born. I had been thinking about China from 1972 until 2010, when I finally came here to live. That’s 38 years!" Andy said excitedly, "I hope my days in China will continue for many years to come."

Andy sings Taiwanese pop singer Teresa Teng's song Your Sweet Smile in Chinese. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

In Andy's opinion, there have been great changes and positive development which give rise to today's modern, progressive and well managed Chinese society.

"I watched the V-Day parade on TV and it confirmed China's great and positive future. I also witnessed the state dinner hosted by US President Barack Obama for President Xi Jinping and this also confirmed that collaboration between China and the US is a positive step for the future of the world."

After five years in China, Andy knows well the "Chinese Dream" of China's rejuvenation, announced by President Xi shortly after his ascension to China's highest political position in November 2012.

"I'm happy to be a part of Xi's China. I deeply like the Chinese dream. It is also the world's dream."

Andy thought his father would be proud of him if he were alive today to see his work in China.

"I love the modernization of China, and Wuxi is a great example of modern cities. I just enjoy being a part of it."

Andy said that he came to China to stay with Chinese people, not to stay with foreigners. "I came to China to make friends with Chinese people. So I chose Wuxi as a starting point."

What’s more, the beauty of the city and the honest people in Wuxi are most attractive to him. Shanghai, in his view, is "not real and too fancy". He likes "real China and real Chinese people".

"I have had a most amazing experience here, and I just celebrated my 50th birthday. I'll continue to volunteer and work in Wuxi to be a part of US-China collaboration in the future."

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