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Wuxi City

Updated : 2017-12-18


Wuxi City

Songwriter: Shan Qi

Singer: Zhang Heng


Wuxi has undergone massive changes since I was young

The old wooden boat in the Grand Canal has sailed away

New boulevards now wind along Taihu Lake

And neon lights illuminate the sky over Huangbu Isle


Gone are the playful times in Duck Alley

As well as my freeloading bus rides

Gravel has reappeared on historic Nanchang Street

And Qingming Bridge still sits near the bustling Nanchang Temple


The park besides Chong'an Temple still beckons tourists

Business remains brisk on Zhongshan Road

Xue Fucheng's former residence and Rong Yiren's Meiyuan Garden have both become famous tourist destinations


I climbed Mount Hui every spring when I was young

But I never managed to reach every peak

An old song reminds me of my childhood while tasting tea brewed with spring water

My former home remains only in my memory

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